Monday, September 29, 2014

Ensure Better Returns From Your Social Media Marketing

As a small business is having a relatively limited budget for its marketing efforts, it is necessary to adopt a style of social media marketing which give you maximum value for every penny spent. The following 3 tips will help you to do this.

1. Create A Plan For Your Social Media Marketing Campaign
Every small business has to create a plan or strategy for its marketing campaign as is the case with any of its other kind of marketing campaign. It is equally important then to stick to this plan to get desired results. It is imperative to clearly define your goals and the steps that you will be taking to meet the objectives of your social media marketing. Besides this, it will also be necessary to identify the tools needed for this purpose.
Your plan should be very clear about the mechanism that will be used to integrate your social media marketing with your existing other marketing strategies. There are some issues which are specific to social media as follows-
  • Identify an employee who has adequate social media exposure and experience in marketing  and delegate to him the job of daily tasks as well as updates.
  • Make  an employee from within your company responsible for creating profiles or accounts and also identify individuals who can access the accounts.
  • Choose requisite tools to help you in automatizing your social media campaign and also help you to find social analytics tools so that you can track success of the campaign.
  • Review the current strategies employed by your small business so as to decide upon the need for entering social media marketing into  your current overall marketing strategy.
 2. Find the right social media network
As there are a number of social media platforms, you need to be very careful and judicious in selecting one for your small business marketing campaign. To be able to know which social network will give you the maximum possible results out of your campaign, you need to do some research to see which social platform your customers are visiting already. It is advisable because you will require lesser amount of time as also efforts in joining the customers at their present platform instead of trying to create numerous profiles for different platforms in the belief that the clients will be able to get to you on some platform or the other.

3. Follow a regular schedule
Once you start interacting with your customers on a social media platform, your customers expect you to be there regularly and frequently. As this is a time –consuming process, it will be proper to have a fixed schedule for you and your business aides. You should chalk out a daily programme where you can interact with your customers, send out messages as also to monitor these activities. Splitting of your schedule for the day to allow for checking back with your customers will be very good as it will re-assure them that you care.

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